Tips on how to Practice Mini-Baccarat

What is mini baccarat game?

One of baccarat game is baccarat.  Baccarat itself has various variations that are played across the world. It has gained popularity due to its simplicity, low house edge and strict rules. One of baccarat variations is mini baccarat. Mini baccarat use same rules but the gaming process differ slightly. 

Standard baccarat and mini baccarat

When playing in mini baccarat game, players are not allowed to touch the cards. The only person dealing the cards is the dealer. On the other hand, standard baccarat players handle cards when playing at baccarat table.  Different baccarat tables have different betting limits. For mini baccarat, the limit is much lower as compared to that of standard baccarat.  That is why starters are advised to start with mini baccarat before moving to the standard one.

How to practice baccarat game?

Mini baccarat use same baccarat rules like the standard baccarat. If you aim at practicing mini baccarat, you must first know the whole system. Baccarat table parts include banker betting point, the shoe, chip stacks, tie betting point and commission boxes. There are 3 three betting points for each player; red, white and yellow circle. Red is the bet on player, yellow banker bet and white is for tie bet.

The numbered area is used to take care of commission owed by each player. The central seat is meant for croupiers in order they can access all areas of the baccarat table. The game uses 8 decks. The cards are first shuffled before being inserted to the shoe. Next, the dealer deals two sets of cards, for players and bank’s hand. The dealing is done while these cards are facing up. Players are then required to give their outcome predictions before the dealer declares no more prediction or betting is to be done.

Mini Baccarat rules

Like standard baccarat, players follow strict rules when making bets. Again, the dealer here deals with main four cards. Two belongs to the player and the other to the bank’s hand. The dealer is the one who compares the hands of the banker and the player before winning is declared.

If you plan to play standard baccarat, start with mini baccarat. Players should apply mini baccarat rules when playing. There is no strategy that is designed to increase chances of winning.